We’ve hit the new year, so what now?

Well in the traditional sense, we make commitments that we believe we can stick to, and try our best. After reviewing the extreme success of the last year that my wife and I have had, I feel like perhaps it’s time to push things even further, increase the challenge and see where it stops.

I’ve been informed that if I can develop a calendar in a style of work I can do, going off of my portfolio, I’ll have 5000 guaranteed sales for 2014, so this is one objective. Have 20 images of publication quality for October.

The second of my challenges has to be to finally get around to finishing the learning to drive thing. I suppose it’s a must and will make life easier.

The last of the three challenges I’m aiming to complete must be the personal, and I mean completely personal goal of hiking Ben Nevis, in Scotland, it is nothing compared to what I’ve hiked before, but never have I hiked a mountain so big in my own country. It feels like the time to commit myself to actually performing this action.

Bring on 2013!
Hope it’s good for everyone else.


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